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Love has no labels

Today I returned to this, I needed it:

Of course, the paradox about this is not that we have “none” of these things, but that we are deeply particular, and that that very specific particularity is what gives us the differences we need, it drives the wonder which brings us into relationship. The “more diverse the knowers, the more robust the knowing!”

That’s why the “behind the scenes” is even more true for me.

24 June . Comment

Resources related to Charleston…

Our hearts are breaking… there are really no words to describe the latest act of terrorism to hit in the US.  But words may be our most powerful immediate response as we gather and organize and respond. Here are some of the pieces circulating:

Please remember that you can make contributions to the church directly on their website.

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Grieving, acting, loving…

I don’t have words. I am still so stunned by the terrorist act in Charleston, SC yesterday. But I resonated with Jon Stewart’s words:

And I am collecting other useful information.

18 June . Comment

Organizing together…

Long ago and far away I remember Cornel West telling a rally I was at that the only way things would change in this country was when the middle class, the working class, and the disenfranchised stood together. Here’s a very small step being taken in that direction in Seattle:

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