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22 April . Comment

Happy Earth Day!

I’m not convinced that technology will save us? But there are some options there. Then, we need to learn how to live out of a mindset of abundance, rather than scarcity.

Happy Earth Day!

21 April . Comment

Tweets of the week

18 April . Comment

Entering the Triduum


I love this time of year! And this year more than most, because the large spring snow storms we’ve had are going to contrast beautifully with the warm sunny weather predicted for Sunday. It’s as if nature is cooperating with the rhythms of the liturgical year.

Last night our liturgy team did a wonderful version of the Holy Thursday service, with the innovative touch of inviting back a Katie (a graduate of St. Kate’s) to talk about her experiences as a Muslim woman setting up a local health clinic in a village in Uganda. She did that during the washing of feet, which gave us something to be caught up with as the endless lines of people ministered to each other, and something to give to in the shared procession bearing our gifts.

The oils were blessed, too, held by liturgical dancers — and one of our youngest members, who is only five, joined the dance!

15 April . Comment

Remembering a year ago…

A year ago I was teaching an online class, and we prayed with/for the community of Boston, and for China (which had just experienced an earthquake), and for Syria (prayers for which are ongoing). My heart and prayers are with these people again today…

14 April . Comment

Tweets of the week

10 April . Comment

Love this mashup!

You can always tell when a song has gripped people’s imaginations, because it becomes a base for all sorts of remixes and mashups. I love this one, given a Passover interpretation:

8 April . Comment

Soil and sacrament

Thanks, Keith, for pointing me to this lovely TEDx piece on “soil and sacrament“!

I was particularly struck by his comment that “the front lines of sustainability should be led by those most wounded by the system.”

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