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Tweets of the week

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How the US dispossessed native groups

This time lapse video is deeply disturbing — perhaps it will wake us up? I know it was a revelation to me, when we moved to Minnesota, to discover how many Native American groups we have here (seven Anishinaabe Reservations and four Dakota Communities).

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Tweets of the week

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Interfaith action!

I love that over the last several years the St. Paul Area Council of Churches has been hard at work transforming itself, and this week formally and officially — and energetically! — became Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul.

At the general assembly where the bylaws were changed, John Noltner was the keynote speaker, and his project — A Peace of My Mind — is a wonderful example of how focusing on what peace means can draw people from multiple faiths and no faith into profound discussion and discovery.

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Which do you prefer?

I’m laughing out loud at this but also enjoying it. Which one do you prefer? the original or the Jack Black/Jimmy Fallon version? It’s fun to see how often and in what ways this song has been picked up and used.

(actually, to be honest, I grew up on this song, and loved it, and much prefer the original version… so there you go, me at my cheesiest!)

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Black girls matter

This data is so depressing to me! And even more depressing is that we have hard numbers like this, but still can’t convince legislatures to fund programs which we also know work to combat this kind of deep structural and institutional racism.

Here’s a webinar recording of a conversation amongst several scholar/activists about these issues:

"Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced, and Underprotected"- Report Launch Webinar, February 4th 2015 from African American Policy Forum on Vimeo.

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