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Tweets of the week

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Loving this song!

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard this song, but listening to it in this beautiful version reminds me of how much I love it. And I LOVE that we now have music videos such as this one to share it with.

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Learning civility in politics

I don’t usually post CNN videos here, but this one is an interview with my uncle-in-law, Ted Celeste, about the really important work he’s been leading that seeks to bring civility back into politics. He’s been an elected state representative in Ohio — and won against an incumbent using only positive tactics — so he has credibility. And this project is really starting to bear some fruit.

I also post this here, however, to provide a glaring example of how the media keep pushing a particular narrative. If they spent even half as much time talking about civility and respect, things would be quite different.


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Tweets of the week

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Fear not! LOVE

A message from a group of theologians, reminding us that Christians are called to love — even beyond fear!

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Lin Manuel Miranda commencement speech

I’m entranced with Hamilton, and with the #ham4ham shows, and just about anything else Lin Manuel Miranda is doing. He just exudes a kind of vulnerable authenticity that is energizing. Here’s his commencement speech at UPenn this year — best one I’ve heard since Steve Jobs or JK Rowling:

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How beauty standards work with race…

This is a great and concise exploration on how whiteness functions in beauty standards for women

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