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23 July . Comment

The power to think yourself beautiful

Lissa Rankin and others have written about the ways in which we ought to be focusing on wellness and health, and investigating what might be possible with the “placebo effect” rather than considering it an anomaly. I have no idea what she would say about this experiment, but I think it’s pretty powerful.

23 July . Comment

Our prison system is broken

Kind of interesting that the best concise articulation of what’s wrong with the US prison system comes from John Oliver:

23 July . Comment

American Refugees

Seattle University has an innovative program going where stories from real families are incorporated into animated shorts. Here’s one of them (there are four in total). Please take a moment to watch it, and share the project.

22 July . Comment

By failing a whole new world will open up for you

Here are just a few of the lines from this young man’s poetry. His name is Alok Vaid-Menon:

“Success is about self promotion, not about putting change into motion.”

“Who is invited to speak about a movement, and who must die for it?”

“By failing a whole new world will open up for you.”

21 July . Comment

Tweets of the week

18 July . Comment

Lessig’s mission

Do you remember Lawrence Lessig? From the work with the Creative Commons? Well, right now he’s working on issues of corruption and Congress. Check out this interview with him about money in politics:

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

17 July . Comment

Mental health break

A small moment of joyful music!

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