About Tensegrities

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My “day job” is as a professor of educational leadership at Luther Seminary (an ELCA seminary in St. Paul, MN). I find myself trying to sustain a lot of “tensegrity,” and decided that one way to live creatively in the midst of that is to try and journal regularly about the various paradoxes I find myself within. “Tensegrity” is a word Buckminster Fuller once coined — “tension” + “integrity” = “tensegrity.” He used it to describe the incredibly stable nature of the structures he could build by holding competing forces together while respecting their integrities. I like to use it to describe what it is to be a person of faith living in a global media culture.

You can always reach me via e-mail at: mhess at luthersem dot edu. I hope if you have ideas to share, you’ll contact me or comment on the blog. Blessings!

Mary Hess

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