30 January 2008

Six key tools

I mused a while back about key digital tools that are emerging for use in teaching and learning, and so it was fun to discover this report (pdf) (hat tip to Bob Carlton for pointing me towards it) that’s come out from EduCAUSE and the New Media Consortium. It identifies “six key emerging technologies that will have significant impact on higher education in the next three to five years.”

The six that they identify — “grassroots video, collaboration webs, mobile broadband, data mashups, collective intelligence, and social operating systems” — are not so far off from the four I pointed to (RSS and blogs more generally, image and video tools, social networking sites, and audio/podcasting). I’m glad that I’m not wandering completely in the dark by myself!

I’m glad that Feautor is starting to get going and that my class this spring will require as an assignment that students create short videos and post them publicly. In my own small way, I hope I’m contributing something useful towards helping seminary students engage these trends.

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