1 March 2011

RIP: Peter Gomes

I can’t figure out what to say about this, other than it’s a huge loss for the Christian community, let alone the world. Peter Gomes was an amazing preacher, deeply thoughtful theologian, and a wonderful teacher. His voice alone could move me, but his convictions also challenged and transformed me. As the Boston Globe wrote, “The Rev. Gomes also was the only gay, black, Republican, Baptist preacher most people would ever meet. Descended from slaves, he nonetheless delighted in serving as trustee emeritus of the Pilgrim Society and celebrating his hometown’s Mayflower history, a distinctly white Anglo-Saxon Protestant tradition.” Gomes portrait 030111

Update: from Andrew Sullivan

Update: the page at Harvard Divinity School where people are posting remembrances.

Update: a glimpse from the Colbert Report:

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