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27 February . Comment

Tweets of the week

23 February . Comment

Pixar across cultures

Here’s a very brief and interesting look at how Pixar makes its animated films available in other cultures and languages:

22 February . Comment

Chimamanda Adichie — animated!

The Atlantic has created a lovely animation of a brief interview with Chimamanda Adichie (whose work I first encountered as a TED talk on the “danger of a single story” years ago).

20 February . Comment

Tweets of the week

19 February . Comment

A moment of beauty for today

Bill and Joel Plaskett:

17 February . Comment

Sir Ken Robinson and Toronto

A number of Toronto area district school boards (Toronto, Dufferin Peel, Toronto Catholic among them) have come together to support a “be a game changer” series of live streaming events and ongoing education around 21st century education. The first one this month was Sir Ken Robinson, and it was a joy to be reminded of what educators know (and have known) for a very long time. Among other things, that “you can transform the culture of a school if you pay attention to the conditions under which people flourish.” Robinson urged his 8 competencies (for which he has long advocated) — curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, compassion, composure and citizenship — and shared energizing examples of what happens when these competencies are the focus of learning.

13 February . Comment

Loving this commercial…

I know, I know. Commercials are just attempts to get us to hook our desires to particular products. In this case, however, there’s no chance that I will buy Nike products — their shoes don’t fit me, and I’m not interested in high performance athletic gear. That being said, I do LOVE this commercial:

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