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1 October . Comment

Mental health break

A fresh new way to engage Paganini (courtesy of my son’s orchestra teacher’s blog):

4 August . Comment

CA gay marriage ban repealed!

Well, this is exciting! I’m sure the court judgement will be appealed, but nevertheless it’s encouraging. And it reminds me of the argument made here, which suggests that even if the Vatican is pressing down pretty hard, they may be doing so precisely because so many Catholics have already discerned that they dissent from church teaching on this issue.

UPDATE: Lengthy analysis of key points in the ruling is available in a cogent summary at dailyKos.

24 July . Comment

Healthy practices for online presence

I like this set of suggestions made by CoolCatTeacher. I don’t actually think they’re so specific to digital media, but rather good advice more generally. In summary:

  • Share
  • Respond
  • Comment
  • Link generously
  • Read (or listen) prolifically
  • Distribute yourself
  • Beware of flattery
  • Live life online AND offline
  • Latchkey your legacy
  • Laugh (alot)
  • Take every presentation seriously
  • Expect criticism
22 July . Comment

FFR: e-portfolios

As we start to move closer to utilizing e-portfolios with our students, I want to come back and think about this.

21 July . Comment

Keep Caprica on the air

Apparently the SyFy channel hasn’t decided whether or not to give us a second season of Caprica. I really grew to like this series, so I’m doing everything people are suggesting: “liking” the Facebook page, signing the petition, and sending email to the channel directly.

21 July . Comment

FFR: Apophenia on skin whitening

A fascinating take on the cultural collisions that occur with the advent of global social media.

8 June . Comment

Media tips

Long ago and far away (in a time that seems VERY far away to me now), I was the communications director to the First Lady of Ohio. In that role I regularly prepped her for interviews, sent out press release, wrote drafts of speeches, and generally tried to get decent coverage of the issues she cared about. I haven’t thought about the day-to-day tasks of that job in a long time, but reading through SBL’s Guide for Academics and the Media (a pdf), brought it all back, vividly. I think the guide is quite useful, and is full of advice that works beyond academe. So, if you have to deal with the media, you might consider taking the advice found there and using it well.

(Hat tip to Stephen Garner for the link!}

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