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7 June . Comment

Thinking about Israel

I’ve been out of town this whole past week, immersed in the AAR Luce seminar on theologies of religious pluralism and comparative theologies. It was quite powerful to be in that discussion, while at the same time the world was thinking about the flotilla and Gaza. As I dig through my overloaded RSS feeds, here are two pieces I’ll return to:

16 April . Comment

LOL at souls for sale

Kind of makes you want to read the fine print more often, huh?

12 April . Comment

Top myths about SCOTUS nominees

Since we’re about to enter the process of confirming a new Supreme Court justice, it’s worth remembering the myths about that process that float around the media landscape. MediaMatters has a handy guide to them. (hat tip to DailyKos)

29 March . Comment

GodTube returns?

Well this is interesting! I used to regularly use GodTube as an example of instrumentalist-driven ‘safe’ Christian sites. But then it morphed into Tangle.com. Now it’s back?

25 March . Comment

Crosswinds: An awesome school!

Ok, I’ve bragged in this blog over the years about Crosswinds, the middle years IB program (and public school) that our son Alex graduated from. Well, now our son Nathaniel is a 7th grader there, and in the intermediate orchestra. A kid at the school (Carl Anderson) recently made a very brief visual tour of the school, accompanied by one of the orchestras. It’s a fun glimpse of this wonderful school. And the best news? If your child lives anywhere in St. Paul or most of the surrounding suburban districts, they can go to Crosswinds (if they get in through the lottery, that is). Right now it’s 6th-10th grades, although parents are advocating that it stretch to 12th.

13 March . Comment

Interfaith Understanding conference

I’m busy planning for next year’s REA/APRRE conference (follow our blog!), and in the process have started to come across some really interesting resources worth sharing. Like, for instance, this 2010 Interfaith Understanding conference to be held April 11-13 in Rochester, NY.

4 March . Comment

Parents and children amidst evolving media

danah boyd and a group from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard have published on the web their response to the FCC’s “notice of inquiry” (NOI). It’s a thoughtful, concise examination of what the best scholars know right now about how to “empower parents and protect children in an evolving media landscape.” Among other things it’s a great literature review chock full of citations, and an empowering conclusion:

With or without dedicated tools, young users will benefit from media literacy skills that allow them to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create, and communicate content at any point, using a variety of technological formats, in order to manage the unprecedented amount and range of quality of information available online. Media literacy skills overlap with safety skills. Youth need more support and more skills to develop their own, repeatable processes for assessing credibility and reliability of information in digitally mediated environments.

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