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27 February . Comment

Back to the future

There’s a small Michael Wesch video I use a lot, on the “information revolution,” and in the video the camera pans to an article from Newsweek in 1995 on “why cyberspace isn’t, and will never be, nirvana.” I’ve never actually read the article, but it’s way more deliciously ironic even than its title (and thanks to boingboing you can read it online easily).

27 February . Comment

Now I’m an enemy of the state?

Oh, give me a break! The US-based intellectual property alliance has asked that Indonesia be added to the list of “rogue nations” because it’s a strong supporter of open source software.

4 February . Comment

Use it or lose it

There’s growing evidence that the gridlock in Congress is not making people very happy with Congress. There’s also clear evidence that a majority of Americans support universal health care, and a substantial percentage of doctors would even go as far as supporting single payer health care. So what can we do? Markos at dailyKos argues for getting rid of the filibuster. Maybe. But in the meantime, why not use the majority the Dems already have in Congress to at least RISK a filibuster? As the t-shirts that my partner made say, “51 is a majority: Use it or lose it!

29 January . Comment

Apple iPad

Ok, I admit I have enough “new tech lust” in me to want an iPad. But I don’t have any particular need for one, and I already own an iPhone and a MacBookPro. My hunch is that someone else in our family will find a reason — and funds — long before I do. But I’m still fascinated by it, and in addition to the points Eric made a couple of days ago, I think this OpenCulture blog post gets at some of the really interesting pedagogical/epistemological issues.

15 January . Comment

Responding to Pat Robertson

Mostly I’m simply shocked that Pat Robertson could say what he’s said, but here’s one articulate response from within a more conservative Christian community.

15 January . Comment

Urge debt cancellation for Haiti

There’s so little we can do right now, at least as individuals, to help with the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. But we can start now to lobby heavily for things that will help in the long run — like debt cancellation.

15 January . Comment

Startling statistics

Here are some statistics about which I do NOT feel pride:

  • Percentage tax rate that Goldman Sachs paid on its profits for year 2008: 0.6
  • Chance that a child in the United States will be on food stamps at some point during his or her upbringing: 1 in 2
  • Percentage of Republican voters who say they would seriously consider voting for Palin for President: 65
  • Percentage who think she is qualified for the job: 58
  • Ratio of the minimum number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles to the number of Starbucks: 4:1
  • Percentage of Americans who think that women are more “intelligent” and “honest” than men, respectively: 38, 50
  • Percentage who think they make better political leaders: 6

(Selections from the Harper’s Index for February (not yet on-line)

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