July 21, 2005

If the bible was blogged...

Too funny! Thanks, Cheryl, for sending me the link to this post by Andrew Jones in his blog TallSkinnyKiwi. It makes some whimsical suggestions about how various bible authors would have managed their content via the web. Here's a taste (but there's much more):

"Jesus wrote in the sand with his finger. No doubt a Wiki-man who would have preferred his own Wiki Sandbox.

Solomon would have sent out his proverbs with an daily RSS feed, perhaps using a blog as a home base for his feeds.

Matthew. A hyperlink geek who would blog with a constant stream of links back to the original prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures. Most blogging programs make that easy. But a blogging editor lets you do it all offline. I use Ecto.

Luke was writing the book of Acts on the move. He would have been a Moblogger for sure, He could have sent all his posts through telephone - both written and audio. Unless he was a WiFi Warrior, tapping into rogue signals to post their blogs like other missionaries on the move around the world..."

Posted by hessma at July 21, 2005 10:22 AM